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Spinoza\'s Ethics: A Collective Commentary

Spinoza\'s Ethics: A Collective Commentary


Spinoza's Ethics: A Collective Commentary

2011 | 380 | ISBN: 9004194258 | PDF | 2 Mb

This volume is an enlarged version of the collective commentary on Spinoza s Ethics which appeared in German in the series Klassiker Auslegen in 2006. It seeks to provide a commentary on all parts of the Ethics, while at the same time offering an insight into the way scholars from different philosophical traditions discuss Spinoza. Many of the German-speaking contributors are here presented to an English speaking audience for the first time. Due to historical circumstances, particularly following the Nazi era, Spinoza was a neglected philosopher in Germany. In comparison with other countries, such as France, the Anglo-saxon world and the Netherlands, Spinoza was not paid the attention his work deserved. It is one of the merits of the Spinoza Gesells chaft that, in the last two decades, this situation has slowly begun to change. As many of the essays contained in this collection show, there are now several discussions going on about many aspects of Spinoza s thought, ranging from metaphysics to ethics and social philosophy. In contrast to the German edition of this volume, where we had only a restricted amount of space, this English edition also includes new essays about the context of Spinoza s Ethics and its reception....

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